Dry Van

Power Logistics can provide dedicated assets and drop trailers for any customer anywhere. We have a strong back ground in developing solutions for the Dry Van markets in which we serve.


Powers dedicated Reefer division provides seamless transition for our seasonal customers nationwide. We also have an enormous carrier group that focuses on servicing our clients in a variety of lanes and capacities.


We have some of the nation’s largest shippers of flatbed freight. We are experts in pricing, transporting, and managing this industry.  Whether you are a high volume shipper or have a few flatbed shipments per month we want to talk to you. We have an extended network of carriers and our strong fleet of our own flatbed equipment to handle any needs you may have.

Specialized Equipment

Power has years of experience and expertise in heavy haul and over dimensional hauling.  We understand that these shipments are very costly, time sensitive, and require much planning and preparation. Our team will walk you through the process from beginning to end to ensure that your product is delivered safely and on time.


Power focuses on shipments that are typically more than a couple of pallets. We are not true LTL carriers in the traditional sense, but we provide an extremely important value and very competitive pricing in this market. Most shippers turn to us when the larger LTL companie’s rates are priced too high. We can put your shipment on the tail of the truck so that it is the first one delivered, which results in less transit times.

Drop Trailers

Power has customers in our local market and in other parts of the country where drop trailers are required. We will continually explore every effective option for our customer base to tap into our extensive trailer pool to ensure the customer’s requirements are met. Drop trailers are essential for preloading shipments for those customers that do not have the ability to store a large amount of equipment or merchandise and have challenges in their logistical operations.

On-Line Tracking and Tracing

It is important to know the status of your shipment. Our team of dedicated customer service reps continually monitor your shipments all the way through. For those customers that want access to their shipments in real time we can provide you an online link to our external website that allow you to view your shipment in progress.

24/7 Customer Service

We have accounts of all sizes. Each account has a dedicated professional that will be by your side on every shipment. With each shipment our customers are monitored by our team leader for each account to ensure that we provide the best customer service in the industry.  We will always be available day or night to provide you any necessary information you may need.